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Malaysian Standards for Cable Connectors

In Malaysia, all types of wire and cable comply with the IEC or Malaysian Standards. For end-termination and jointing of these cables and wires, crimp-type connectors (cable lugs and cable links) are commonly used.


However, before this there were neither guidelines nor standards for material and dimension for these cable connectors. Various types of cable lug and link have been imported. But these imported cable lugs and links have been found to be unsuitable as they differ in the required dimensions and are made from inferior materials.


In order to prevent the widespread usage of these inferior connectors, our Malaysian standards have been developed to standardize the quality of these products.


With the development and publication of these Malaysian Standards, it would be easier for owners, engineers, contractors and end-users to specify the right cable connectors for their requirements.


The following Malaysian Standards are now available:



CONWAY manufactures cable connectors with matching tools and dies which are compliant to the Malaysian Standards.Contact us for more information today!

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